Why Certainty?

Sep 12, 2022 | Brief Answers

In the Western world we live in a time of great scepticism regarding God. Instead of wisdom, conspiracies and extremism proliferate. The West is rapidly becoming more secular, even anti-Christian. The consequences are profound, many of them negative for human flourishing, mental health and peace. To counter this tide, and to help sow seeds of renewal, Certainty of God is a place for reflection, discourse, and meditation on the fact that many intelligent and sane witnesses exist who have complete conviction in God through Jesus, even at the level of critical reason.

Even if only a single witness existed whose certainty of God was grounded in truth, then God would be real. I argue that there are countless such witnesses over the 2000 years of Christianity, and that many have confirmation of their conviction through personal encounter, revealing the objective, transcendent source.

This raises a myriad of philosophical questions. I aim to explore these and other perspectives in an accessible way through regular blog essays.

To be explored further in blog essays

by Andrew JR Parker

Grateful to Christ. Proclaiming the Word of God.