Below are some key resources which I will discuss in blog essays. These concern primarily the relations between faith, reason, and revelation, as well as some key documents of the Catholic Church.


Key philosophical papers that I discuss in blog essays:

Block, Benjamin M. (2015). The Balance of Faith and Reason: The Role of Confirmation in the Thought of St Thomas Aquinas. Studia Gilsoniana 3 (September): 209–28.

The Holy Spirit: In the Experience of the St Teresa of Avila by Emmanuel Kaniyamparampil OCD

Moser, Paul K. (2013) God and Evidence: A Cooperative Approach. European Journal For Philosophy Of Religion 5/2 (Summer 2013), Pp. 47-61

Truth Bites…Love Ponders – 72 Aphorisms for the Soul’s Journey to God (Andrew J R Parker, 2016)

Good Books

  1. Conversion: Spiritual Insights into an Essential Encounter with God by Father Donald Haggerty (Ignatius Press, 2017) – The single best book on Conversion Encounter that I know.