What Kind or Level of Certainty?

Sep 12, 2022 | Brief Answers

Absolute certainty? Certainty beyond all reasonable doubt? Objective or subjective?

We can distinguish different kinds and levels of certainty. I claim that through the way of faith, we can acquire an unshakeable subjective conviction, or certitude, in God’s reality and our personal relationship with Him. I also claim that we can know beyond all reasonable doubt that this conviction has an objective, transcendent cause, a cause with Divine attributes, such as omnipotence and omniscience.

I do not claim absolute, or logical certainty as only an infinite being can know an infinite being completely. Only God can know God absolutely. However, knowing of God’s existence and of His personal love and knowledge of us beyond all reasonable doubt, is still a very high level of certainty, and sufficiently high for taking the path of costly discipleship.

This is a radical claim, at odds with atheism and agnosticism. One reason for starting the Certainty of God site is to highlight the existence of credible witnesses of such certainty. In recent years, voices proclaiming ‘no-one really knows’ have dominated public discourse. It is time to counter that claim.

To be explored further in blog essays

by Andrew JR Parker

Grateful to Christ. Proclaiming the Word of God.