The Central Claim

Sep 12, 2022 | Brief Answers

The central claim of this site, Certainty of God, is that many people have certain knowledge of God through following Jesus Christ which is not only a subjective certitude, but also confirmed at the level of critical reason. I claim that this level of certainty, whilst not absolute, is certainty beyond reasonable doubt for relevant practical purposes, such as, “Should I follow Christ?” Such conviction is unshakeable for these witnesses, which is often born-out by the sacrifices they are willing to make.

This central claim stands in stark contrast to the now common view that, “no one really knows”, and that religious experience cannot lead to objective certainty about God, or that anyone professing certainty lacks critical judgement. Such a position fosters agnosticism and doubt, and turns people away from the love of God. In turn this diminishes love for neighbour.

I claim that subjective conviction, or certitude, can be confirmed at the rational level, and that this occurs especially on the path of discipleship as a preparation for mission. But this requires a willingness for self-denial and self-sacrifice.

To be explored further in blog essays

by Andrew JR Parker

Grateful to Christ. Proclaiming the Word of God.