Cause & Confirmation

Sep 27, 2022 | Brief Answers

In a future essay I will outline the case that the cause of certainty is the interior action of the Holy Spirit. I will also argue that the Holy Spirit can lead the person to confirmations – at the level of reason – that it is the Holy Spirit at work, and that this causal attribution is not a cognitive error. Thus I make a distinction between the cause of profound conviction, which is often too deep to express in words, and signs (special graces) which confirm the nature of the cause.

I will draw upon this paper, which is available on the Resources page:

Block, Benjamin M. (2015). The Balance of Faith and Reason: The Role of Confirmation in the Thought of St Thomas Aquinas. Studia Gilsoniana 3 (September): 209–28.

To be explored further in blog essays

by Andrew JR Parker

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