Dedicated to Certainty-of-Faith in God

Paradoxically, faith may lead to certainty of God’s existence & our relationship with Him.

Read more, to explore this mystery at the heart of our humanity.


Brief Answers

These are designed to convey the aims, perspective, and future content of Certainty of God. I will expand on these in more detailed blog essays. Please consider subscribing.

As Jesus promised:

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth

John 16:13

Aim of Certainty of God

Certainty of God is designed to inspire curiosity and desire – desire to seek God through Christ. I have created this site for one reason only, so that others may come to know the salvation of God. That is, with the overwhelming love, forgiveness, and transforming power of the Holy Spirit – a love that surpasses all else.

I aim to demonstrate, as Peter and Paul did in the first century AD following Pentecost, that the power of the Holy Spirit brings many gifts, which establish conviction on firm rational ground, more certain than many know. This is the essential mystery at the heart of the Christian journey.

I invite you to consider this mystery, and to trust the witness accounts.